Session 3 – Posters and Works-in-Progress Exhibit Hall

Women Breaking Barriers in Libraries and Technology (Work in-Progress) By Aisha Johnson – Jones and Siobahn Grady

Mitigating Usability Issues in Legacy EHR Systems to Improve Patient Safety: A Learning Health System Approach (Poster) By Rebecca Meehan


Knowledge Management in the Technical information Center/Library of a Navy Lab and as a Whole, as well as Metrics to Measure the Scientific Health of a R&D Center (Poster) By Jay Liebowitz


Applying Tacit Knowledge and the SECI Model as an Educational Pedagogy (Work in-Progress) By Deborah Swain and Patrick Roughen


Global Sentiment towards COVID-19 on Twitter (Poster) By Neil Auroni


Interoperable and Computable Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) on FHIR (Work in-Progress) By Andrey Soares, Lisa Schilling and Brian Alper

Human Knowledge Problems, Knowledge Activities, and the Activities’ Effects By William Edgar and Kendra Albright

The Corporate Education System in A Financial institution in Southern Brazil: Maturity Diagnosis By Marta Silva Neves, Patrícia de Sá Freire and Talita Caetano Silva

The Impact of Cyber Addiction on information Overload and Workplace Performance By Moneerah Alboulayan and Suliman Hawamdeh

Using Query Expansion to Improve Findability of Resources Addressing Multiple Chronic Conditions By Laura Haak Marcial, Silas Santini, Caroline Kery, Stephen Brown, Rob Chew and Barry Blumenfeld