Submissions ICKM 2020

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GUIDELINES for Posters or Videos: Provide poster or video about recently completed work, highly relevant early results of research-in-progress, or successful systems and applications development related to knowledge management. Presenting a poster/video is a great way to get feedback on work that has not yet been published or in production. Presentations are an integral part of the conference with sessions schedule for interactive, online discussion between presenters and attendees. Authors should submit a 300-words or less extended abstract that provides sufficient technical details. For posters a draft of one slide in PowerPoint of the poster and for videos a early version of PowerPoint, You-Tube or Webex recording can be submitted so that the evaluation committee can assess the scientific merit of the work. The poster or video abstracts do not have to present a completed work, but should provide enough concrete evidence to support the potential validity of the proposed ideas.

Your poster or video should encourage questions and discussion. It is fine to present any late-breaking results, work-in-progress, data sets, methodological tools, or research results at the ICKM. Coauthors are allowed but only one (1) poster.  Deadline to submit: September 15, 2020

GUIDELINES for Workshops (to be Webinars): Provide detailed description of workshop topic and presenter(s) bio.  A 250-word or less abstract is required with sufficient details about activities and online learning activities so that the evaluation committee can assess the proposal. Co-authors or presenters are allowed. Explain objectives of the workshop for learners.  The webinar may be presented on the last day of the conference and at a time allowing for international attendees. Each workshop will be given 1.5 hours on the agenda. Workshops support an informal setting for sharing ideas and discussing future directions. You may describe a targeted audience according to topic and level of information. The IT support team will work with teachers/presenters to set up the webinar. Deadline to submit:  August 31, 2020

GUIDELINES for Practitioner and Work-in-Progress Abstract: Your abstract should describe ongoing research or planned research contributions with initial results, as well as case studies or business applications so far. Length: 250 words. Describe areas related to knowledge management even if without scientific underpinning or full evidence now. Presenting work-in-progress is a unique opportunity to reflect on systems under construction, ongoing R&D, and ideas before starting implementation. Work-in-progress presentations will be an integral part of the conference, with interaction between presenters and attendees. Authors should submit description that provides sufficient background and information on the state of affairs so that the evaluation committee can assess the practical and/or scientific merit of the work. Deadline to submit: September 15, 2020