The International Conference of Knowledge Management (ICKM) Sponsorship
                                                                     Big Data in The Big D
                                                                           Oct 25-27, 2017
Leading information science conference with diverse audience from academia and industry with an access to cutting edge researcher. It is easy to become a sponsor. We offer sponsorships at many price-points, and all come with premium benefits! With any sponsorship you choose, you receive brand-building exposure with your corporate logo on signage, on big screens, in general sessions, in the conference program and more.
Our top 3 sponsorships of Gold, Silver and Bronze often give you the chance to speak, You’ll work with the conference planning committee on a topic, and benefit from advance promotion designed to attract the maximum number of attendees to your session. Generally, sponsors earn additional benefits through marketing or networking deliverables.
Diamond Level ($10,000):
Gold sponsors earn tremendous, sales-building exposure starting with the chance to speak at the conference in your own 50-minute Solution Session. you’ll gain top-billing with your corporate logo on the front cover and your full-page advertising on the inside front cover of the conference program. In addition to corporate logo on website and marketing material.
Gold Level ($5,000):
Silver sponsors show your market leadership with a 30-minute sponsored Solution Session. Added brand exposure through a half-page advertising on the conference program. In addition to corporate logo on website and marketing material.
Silver Level  ($3,000):
As a bronze sponsor, you’ll receive greater brand exposure than is possible with an session banners. In addition to corporate logo on website and marketing material.
Other special sponsorship opportunities:
Display Table ($1,500):
Exhibitors get a unique opportunity to gain exposure with your key customer audiences. With a chance to launch new products and services, collect high-quality sales leads, build brand awareness, and cultivate customer relationship.
 Luncheon Sponsorship:
Prominent signage highlights your sponsorship. You benefit from a premium booth location and all sponsor benefits. And, you’ll look like a winner to all who enjoy a quality luncheon between sessions.
Breakfast Sponsorship:
Start the day with great sales exposure at breakfast, and know this is more than just coffee and doughnuts! Your sponsor support allows all attendees to enjoy a hearty breakfast, while you benefit from added exposure through prominent signage and logo-napkins. This is another great value for any corporate promotion budget.
Lanyard/bag Sponsorship/ Proceeding Thumb drive:
Have attendees “wear” your corporate logo all-conference long! Imagine hundreds of walking advertisements promoting your brand.
Organization Registration:
Organization registration allows organizations to register 25 members to attend the conference.