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The International Conference on Knowledge Management (ICKM) provides researchers and practitioners from all over the world a forum for discussion and exchange of ideas concerning theoretical and practical aspects of Knowledge Management. Sharing tools and knowledge that leads to discoveries about global business and healthcare is a goal of the 2020 conference. The first ICKM conference was held in Singapore in 2004; 15 subsequent conferences have been held in Charlotte, NC; Greenwich, London; Vienna, Austria; Columbus, Ohio; Hong Kong; Pittsburgh, PA; Johannesburg; Montreal; Antalya, Turkey; Osaka, Japan; Dallas, TX; Vancouver; and Santa Catarina, Brazil.

ICKM 2020 will be online and broadcast from Durham, NC, “the City of Medicine,” as hosted by the Knowledge and Information Professional Association. The conference theme is “Knowledge Commons” and the institutional analysis of data and the development of knowledge.   Panels about publishing and MCBK, and presentations on research papers, case studies, works-in-progress, country reports, and posters will cover these subject areas:

Knowledge Commons and Sharing Data
Data Science and Data Analytics
Mobilizing Computable Biomedical Knowledge
Big Data Analytics and Data Warehousing
Privacy & Security Issues
Data Management Challenges in Healthcare and more

Knowledge Discovery & Representation
Data and Web Mining, Text Analysis (NLP-natural language Processing)
Data Visualization and Computational Linguistics
Meta Data and Organization of Networked Resources
Learning Resource and Usability Studies (UX)

KM in Organizations and Society
KM Practices (Best Practices, Communities of Practice, etc.)
Social Networks and Knowledge Sharing
Competitive and Business Intelligence
Intellectual Capital and Return on Investment
Project Management
Knowledge Society & the Knowledge Economy
Smart Cities and Innovation
Indigenous Knowledge Management
Social and Ethical Issues

Knowledge, Learning, and Innovation Governance
History and Evolution of KM
Multilevel Governance Model (Management and Internal Control)
Tourism and Public Governance Models of Knowledge
The Organizational Ecosystem
Shared Governance and Public Security
Artificial Intelligence (Third Wave) and the Management of Scientific Knowledge
Transferring Learning into Practice

KM in Information Science & Organization
Information Architecture, Design and Analysis
Information Retrieval, Usability, UX, and HCI
Taxonomies and Ontology
Information Representation and Visualization
Information Privacy and Security
Information Policy and Ethics

KM of Mobile Computable Knowledge in Libraries
Technical Infrastructure
Standards and Policies to Ensure Quality and Trust
Sustainability for Mobilization and Digital Inclusion
Knowledge Repositories and Data Warehousing
Digital Curation & Document/ Records Management
Archival Management & Web Archiving.

ICKM2020 will be delivered this year using WebEx. Technical support for the WebEx event will be sponsored and provided by North Carolina Central University (NCCU) and their Information Technology Services (ITS) staff.
Authors presenting at the conference are invited to submit their expanded and enhanced full papers to be considered for a special issue of JIKM to be published in 2021. All papers will be peer reviewed by the journal

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